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Marketing Benefits of Bulk Sms services

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Bulk SMS or short messaging service is a method of communication in which one user send a short text or picture message to another user using a cell phone. Bulk SMS has become a really popular method of communication because of the ever increasing popularity of cell phones. As technology has improved in the cyber age, Bulk SMS can also be sent through a website while earlier it was only possible to send a SMS between two cell phones.

Relationship between bulk texting and marketing
Bulk Sms texting is a one to one approach of marketing where a potential or present customer gets information about the brand directly on their cell phones. Two way messaging has been found to be really beneficial for small and medium enterprises as they have a restricted marketing budget. With Bulk SMS marketing, they can ensure that they reach a large customer base directly without spending a large amount of money.

Advantages of two way messaging
The biggest advantage of bulk messaging is that it is cost effective. When compared to other methods of direct marketing like phone calls and one on one surveys, Bulk SMS texting is much cheaper and hence is beneficial for small and medium enterprises.

Another advantage is that bulk Sms messaging requires minimum market research and a text marketing campaign can be started irrespective of the season or marketing trend. Potential customers can be reached at any time of the year, irrespective of the season.

These premium Bulk SMS service has an added advantage which allows customising  SMSes  very easily. Marketers can customise their messages according to the target base so that they can ensure better conversion rates as compared to more conventional marketing or advertising methods. Customised messages would ensure improved sales and increased exposure for the brand.

The success rate of a text message delivery is also an added advantage. Market surveys indicate that over 95% of cell phone users have their cell phones with them at any particular time. Further surveys also indicate that 94% of the text messages that are sent using two way messaging services are delivered to the end user. When we compare this with social media, only 9% of social media users are online at any particular time. Other direct methods of marketing also don’t fare well. For example, when we talk about phone calls, problems like busy users, switched off phones and out of reach phones exist, while there are no such problems with bulk SMS service. Like other direct methods of marketing, bulk  Sms texting does not interfere with the day to day activities of the end customer.

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