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Necessity of BULK SMS Service for Stock Market Industries

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Stock market rules the economy of any nation. It is one of the most volatile Industries all the time. Every movements, News and analysis have to keep on track for minute on minute. Ups & downs is the part of any stock market. Stock broker have to provide constant guidance & update to stock market investors. Providing minute by minute information on stocks, news and analysis of shares, updating dips & highs are the few basics that stock broker have to keep track of regularly and inform same with the investors on regular time.

Though time is the major factor, it is crucial for stock brokers to update their clients about market fluctuation on regular manner. To make ease & instantaneous communication, BULK SMS Service is a best option for stock market to serve their client.

 How it is useful?
Get Alerts when position of the investors reach the margin limit
Confirmation of trade request
Every day ups & downs
Research on tips
Alerts when client require information on stock
Pre-market trading tips
Alerts on DEMAT/repurchase requests by the client
Confirmation on DEMAT request
Intra-day buy & sales tips to clients

How Stock Market Industry get benefit?
It reduces overheads of calls and confirmation alerts through delivery report. It increase staff productivity, as staff would be spending less time on telephone calls and answering routine queries. It helps to increase revenue, as the customers receiving relevant information because of that they place more orders. Clients are more loyal as they get notification on critical situation and it would help to create more wealth. It helps to enhance brand of the company. Overall Bulk SMS Service provides a marketing channel by which you can do the branding as well as increase more revenue for your organization.

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