Toll Free Number

Toll Free SMS is a service that enables visitors to your website to send SMS to your mobile number.

The Website owner pays for the SMS and there is no cost to the website visitors who send SMS to your mobile number. It is similar to a Toll-Free Phone number service where there is no cost to the caller. Sender simply types a message from your website and that message comes to you as SMS on your mobile phone.

How it works ?

  • Website Owner need to sign-up with us and buy a Toll Free SMS account.
  • Purchase a Toll-Free-SMS plan that best suits your requirement.
  • We will send you instructions to enable your website to use our SMS service.
  • Visitors to your website will fill in the enquiry form.
  • The filled-in information of the enquiry will be received in your mobile as SMS.
  • Global Coverage: Any person from any part of the world can send SMS to you.
  • This facility is faster than Email. Enquiry by email is less reliable due to SPAM & Virus.

Benefits to Business/Website Owner

  • Consumers like toll free facilities like toll-free numbers and toll-free SMS - Because sending a SMS is FREE, customers are more likely to contact you if you provide a toll free SMS facility. As such, you'll find much higher response rates to your marketing initiatives when you offer a toll free SMS.
  • Cost-effective and easy to implement on any website.
  • Access your SMS on your mobile phone whereever you are.
  • Access your SMS on your mobile phone whereever you are.
  • Quicker than Email - visitors to your website can reach you instantly by SMS.
  • You pay as your grow - Another benefit for businesses is that you only have to pay for the usage or number of SMS to your mobile phone. If nobody sends you SMS, there's no charge. Your bills will only increase as your business grows. 6) Expand your marketing reach - Anyone from around the world can contact you by SMS, without you incurring any international SMS charges.
  • Connect with customers instantly.
  • FREE SMS - There is no cost to the person who is sending the SMS, no matter wherever they are.
  • Your customers need not have a mobile phone. All they need is access to your website. Can send SMS anytime, anywhere.
  • Attention is guaranteed since the SMS reaches the right person and not to a common email box.


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